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Missions Week

August 2019

Each year, over two Sundays in mid-August, we hold our Missions and Faith Promise Week. This is where we connect with our mission families and organisations, and look at how we can get involved in mission, through prayer, encouragement and giving.

Every year, we hold a Missions and Faith Promise Week in August (this year, from Sunday 12 August through to Sunday 19 August 2018).  This is a time of being encouraged to fulfil our mission as disciples of Jesus, as well as to renew our commitment to support and encourage others who have left family and friends for the cause of the gospel and to proclaim the message of reconciliation with God through faith in Jesus to other areas of our country and world.   We usually have a range of speakers over the week who are involved in gospel mission related work.

Faith Promise cards are usually handed out at the beginning of the week, and we prayerfully ask the congregation to make a commitment before the Lord to support our missionary families over the coming year by praying for them, contacting them to encourage them, and to provide additional financial support to assist them in their ministry for the Lord.

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