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Our church services on Sunday are as follows:


9:00 am Sunday School / Bible School

10:00 am Morning Church Service


6:00 pm Evening Church Service

Every Sunday we gather together at 10am and 6pm for our church services.

In our morning church service we seek to worship God. We also have a time of communion with our Lord Jesus (remembering His death for us), a time of prayer, and the reading and preaching of His Word.
A crèche is available during the morning service for young children, and also a cry room, which parents can use, and still feel part of the service.
The morning service runs for about 1 ½ hours, and we love to hang around for a coffee and get to know one another afterwards.

We have a separate Sunday School and Bible School for kids aged between 3-16 years. This runs from 9 – 9.45am each Sunday morning. Parents are welcome to drop their kids off for this, or hang around for a coffee and a chat until the church service starts at 10am.

In our evening church service we have a time of worship, as well as a time of open sharing and praying. After the sermon, we often have a few questions to discuss. We also share in communion on the first Sunday of each month.
The evening service usually runs for an hour, and is less formal than our morning service. People can help themselves to a cuppa and some supper during the service, and stay for a chat afterwards.

At Basso, we want to build relationships within our church family and the local community. To help with this, in addition to our Sunday services, we also have a range of mid-week activities that you can get involved with.
If you want to find out more on what we’re about, click here.

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