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Our Sunday School / Bible School runs at the following times on a Sunday morning:
9:00am Sunday School (age 3 up to year 3 at school)
9:00am Bible School (year 4 to year 8)
Sunday School / Bible School is a time for the young people to praise God together, to learn more about Him and how we can know Him by trusting in and following His Son Jesus as our Lord and only Saviour.
Parents are welcome to sit-in too, if they wish, or to hang around for a coffee and a chat until the church service starts at 10am.

A great tradition at Basso church is for the Sunday Schools to run a special Sunday evening service for the parents and church family. These are usually held in consecutive Sundays in November. Look out for this in our coming events.

We also hold a number of activities during the week for bubs, kids and teens, including a playgroup, youth groups and a week-night bible study for teenagers. Click here to find out more about our mid-week activities.

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